A lot goes into building a legacy, and estate planning attorney Bonnie Faucett knows this better than most. Her three successful practices, all of which fall under the umbrella brand, “Your Legacy”, help clients and their lawyers plan their estates in the most inviting, efficient and secure manner possible. At Your Legacy Lawyer, she helps families with children protect their assets. At Your Legacy Drafting, she and colleague Pamela Moss, help other estate planning attorneys get the drafting of estates done for their own clients. Her most recent venture, Your Legacy Architects, provides the software that helps clients compile data easily and securely, so that attorneys can then access the reviewed and approved data to form a draft more easily. Above all, Bonnie is dedicated to educating people about what can be a daunting and sensitive task, and acting as a supportive guide through all steps of the process. 

Bonnie realizes that preserving a legacy is about much more than securing money and property. One notable feature of her estate planning practice are the Legacy interviews. In an in-office recording studio, clients are invited to record their stories, not only to maintain the integrity of their plan throughout the changes in life, but so that their memory can be passed down to future generations of their families.

On this episode of The Achievers, learn how Bonnie eases technology fears in her older clients, where she gets her boundless energy from, and why it’s important to never stop learning.

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Episode Quotes

  • “Estate planning is never urgent but it’s highly important.” (2:36-2:38 | Bonnie)
  • “I always found the estate planning element of adulting was a great feeder of procrastination.” (3:18-3:25 | Dax) 
  • “My dad did a really good job of passing his legacy down to me and now I’m passing it down to my children.” (6:32-6:37 | Bonnie) 
  • “The actual sitting down and drafting of a plan is quite time consuming. And it’s something where if we just have the right information from the attorney, we could sit down and take three to five hours off of their plate to create a deliverable.” (7:16-7:37 | Bonnie) 
  • “There’s a need out there for lawyers to have reliable, high-quality help, and that’s a little bit hard to find in the drafting world.”  (8:55-9:03 | Bonnie)
  • “A lawyer implements legacy architects in their own firm, and it becomes a way that they are a standout and they are different from the typical lawyer down the street. We take your data very seriously and we take your experience very seriously.”(13:23-13:34 | Bonnie) 
  • “I just don’t want to ever stop learning. (17:44-17:47 | Bonnie)
  • “What I always look for is the one little thing you can take and turn into something big if you start accumulating the impact over time.”(19:46-19:56 Bonnie)

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