Purchasing a home is the most significant investment most people will ever make. Yet a lot of people don’t know what goes on behind the scenes of the appraisal process, or that they can choose the best person for the job. Rob Johnson, with his natural salesmanship and extensive background in software, felt that he and Adam Millson, an appraiser, were the best people for this niche industry. The two veterans drive Think Tank, a boutique residential appraisal firm. With 23 locations across the United States and growing, it turns out they were right. 

Even as desktop, or remote appraising, gains a foothold, Rob is confident of the many benefits of using a traditional appraiser, especially a boutique firm like his. Not only for the training that goes into appraising, but for the human interaction and attentiveness clients receive each and every time they call Think Tank.

On this episode of The Achievers, learn what really goes into appraising a home beyond what Zillow will tell you, what makes an appraisal hard to place, and the power of direct communication.

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Episode Quotes

  • “Do you find that a big part of your effort is to make lenders know that you exist and they have a choice?” (1:28-1:33 | Dax)
  • “I can assure you if my phone rang during this interview, and it were an appraiser, or a homeowner, or a client, this owner of the company would be picking it up.” (6:08-6:17 | Rob)
  • “We specialize in hard-to-place appraisals .”(8:17-8:21 | Rob)
  • “We have a lot of fun. We try to make appraisals fun and sexy. Why not? It’s a very interesting niche of the world that we operate in.”(18:58-19:10 | Rob)

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