“We’re asking that every member who joins pledges to help 100 other women build a more financially free and fulfilling life,” shares Kiley Peters, founder of RAYNE IX and The 100 Collective. Kiley is a serial entrepreneur whose passion lies in helping other women business owners succeed. She started The 100 Collective as a way to amplify female small business owners, provide small business coaching, and create a supportive and drama-free community. 

There is still a misconception among many women that there are not enough seats at the table for everyone, and this can cause some women small business owners to see one another as a threat or as competition. This is simply no longer true, particularly for entrepreneurs. Kiley is working to break down this outdated belief and bring together women business owners who are dedicated to helping one another succeed. 

Every member of the 100 Collective pledges to help 100 additional women because when women come together, they improve not only themselves, but also their communities. Any woman small business owner earning up to 5 million in annual revenue and providing a professional service can join The 100 Collective as long as they commit to the pledge and agree to the code of conduct, which prohibits mean girls, drama, and catty behavior.

There are several tiers of membership available, including the opportunity to be listed for free in the directory. This ensures that The 100 Collective is accessible to as many women business owners as possible.

Kiley and Dax discuss Kiley’s professional journey, the mindset shift required for women small business owners to come together, and the research Kiley completed through the help of Susan Byer and her team at Audience Audit. At its base level, the directory helps women business owners hire and be hired, while the workshops, peer mentorships, and supportive environment help members empower one another. 

Kiley’s research will be released on March 8th, International Women’s Day, available on the Rayne IX website.

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Episode Quotes

  • “We are giving away free directory listings, because we felt it important to make sure that it was accessible to everyone, no matter how small they are.” (8:01-8:11 | Kiley)
  • “We are looking for anyone who identifies as a woman who also identifies as a small business. And we identify that as someone who makes up to 5 million in annual revenue, provides a professional service, and commits to our pledge and our code of conduct.” (8:12-8:29 | Kiley)
  • “We’re asking that every member who joins pledges to help 100 other women build a more financially free and fulfilling life.” (8:55-9:02 | Kiley)
  • “When women have more money in their pockets, they make better decisions for themselves and their families and the world at large.” (9:16-9:22 | Kiley)


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