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Guaranteed Engagement Case Studies 

The Achievers combines the credibility and depth of a professional interview with a guaranteed audience program. Apply to be an Achiever to put your business, book, or podcast in the minds of your target audience.

The results shown below are very typical for our VIP guests, and we guarantee audience engagement.

Boosted Case Studies

Kelley Rider Goodwin @ Untie The Knot

Divorce is hard, and without someone guiding you through the options, you can often end up with a very bad result. Untie The Knot is the step-by-step guide for those not using an attorney, and the educated companion for those who want to be more informed about what their attorney is suggesting.

The Achievers reached thousands of individuals in Colorado who had engaged with divorce content or expressed an interest in divorce.

In the first 21 days of completing the interview, Untie The Knot had:

  • Interview Page Views: 5,200
  • Facebook / Insta Reach: 3,007
  • YouTube Views: 612
  • Native Advertising: 512

Josh Thurmond @ LavaBox

Josh is the inventor of LavaBox, a portable propane heater based on the traditional ammo can format.

The Achievers ran campaigns targeted at outdoor enthusiasts, those interested in outdoor gear, as well as fans of hiking & climbing to generate significant attention.

In the first 21 days of completing the interview, LavaBox had:

  • Interview Page Views: 4,109
  • Facebook / Insta Engagements: 9,894
  • YouTube Views: 610

Pamela Maass Garrett @ Legally Ever After

Any author will tell you that writing a book is hard, but getting that book in front of the right audience can be much harder!

The Achievers ran campaigns to reach household decisions makers, who traditionally make estate planning decisions.

In the first 21 days of completing the interview, Legally Ever After had:

  • Interview Page Views: 258
  • Facebook / Insta Engagements: 5,936
  • YouTube Views: 552

Rob Johnson @ ThinkTank AMC

“The whole Achievers experience was seamless, and even just the prep session provided me with so much more clarity about my own company message that I will now use in all our materials!”

ThinkTank AMC is an Appraisal Management Company, and so The Achievers ran campaigns targeted at mortgage brokers and other relevant individuals in the home buying process to help Rob scale his new company.

In the first 21 days of completing the interview, ThinkTank AMC had:

  • Interview Page Views: 4,143
  • Facebook / Insta Engagements: 5,870
  • YouTube Views: 1,083

Bonnie Faucett @ Your Legacy

Your Legacy is 3 companies in 1; an estate planning service, software for estate planners, and support services for estate planners.

The Achievers split the targeted advertising to reach estate planning attorneys nationwide for her new software, and to target parents of young kids in Colorado for her estate planning services.

In the first 21 days of completing the interview, Your Legacy had:

  • Interview Page Views: 5,200
  • Facebook / Insta Engagements: 6117
  • YouTube Views: 547