“The people who are on your show, they’re part of your network. I have 128 women who I would never have ever thought that I would have even talked to. It has really helped with my network, and it’s created an amazing foundation for my business,” shares Lindsay Pinchuk, entrepreneur, small business advocate, and host of the Dear FoundHer podcast. Lindsay created her podcast as a way to showcase women business owners and their amazing accomplishments. The show grew into an active community and an invaluable support network for Lindsay’s business.

A podcast is a useful tool for small business owners to build their networks and boost brand awareness. Having guests on your podcast increases not only your reach but also your credibility. People are more likely to do business with a person they trust, and a podcast is a fantastic way to cultivate trust and build relationships. 

Showing up consistently on social media platforms is important for building brand awareness. If you have a podcast, you can repurpose the episodes for social media posts instead of always having to create new content. Some ways of repurposing the podcast include posting the video to Youtube, making clips into reels for Instagram, or even just sharing quotes. Tagging episode guests on social media can also help boost brand awareness for you and your guests. 

Lindsay and Dax discuss why Lindsay created Dear FoundHer and how the podcast boosts brand awareness for herself and other female founders. Lindsay shares tips for creating a successful podcast that can be monetized without relying on ads. Her tips include building community, producing helpful content, and being active on social media.

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Episode Quotes

  • “The people who are on your show, they’re part of your network. I have 128 women who I never would have ever thought that I would have even talked to and now I do feel like I can email them and say, ‘Hey, could you share this or could you help me?’. It really has helped with my network and it’s created an amazing foundation for my business.” (8:25-8:48 | Lindsay)
  • “I do use the video a lot for social media and that’s been a huge, huge, huge driver for listenership.” (24:02-24:09 | Lindsay) 
  • “If you have an offer, or you have a class, or you have a service that you want to share with your community, I think that the best form of advertisement is in your podcast.” (25:29-25:39 | Lindsay)
  • “You don’t make money from ads in a podcast unless you are someone who has a podcast with millions and millions and millions of downloads.” (26:24-26:34 | Lindsay)
  • “You need your community first and foremost. If you don’t have a community, then there’s really no one to buy from you.” (30:34-30:39 | Lindsay)
  • “One of the number one principles of a community-centric marketing approach is to never compromise your trust.” (30:52-30:57 | Lindsay)


Connect with Lindsay Pinchuk:

Website: https://www.lindsaypinchuk.com

Dear FoundHer: https://www.lindsaypinchuk.com/dearfoundher

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