Whether it be TikTok, Instagram, or the often underutilized Youtube, you want to find out where your potential candidates hang out on social media just as you would do with customers. Andrea explains that you should locate where candidates gather and then make your presence known there. Candidates are certainly evaluating companies via social platforms, particularly dedicated employment review sites like Glassdoor or Indeed

Having past disgruntled employees leave a harsh review is part of what makes some businesses hesitant to promote themselves, but Andrea advises her clients to take charge of their online reputation. Those former employees will make their grievances known regardless, so seize the opportunity to address criticism head-on and emphasize what kind of candidates would make a better fit for the company. 

Even in a post-Covid world, there are plenty of real-life opportunities for recruitment. The old-fashioned yet surprisingly ubiquitous help wanted signs can and should be retrofitted with a QR code for instant access to an application. Incentivize people to come to your campus with offers like complimentary lunch from visiting food trucks. Current employees are a great asset to finding new hires, and they can—and should—be rewarded with referral incentives. 

The option for at least partial remote work is now a major consideration for many people looking for jobs. Though she’s hesitant to equate work/life balance synonymously with remote work, Andrea sees the flexibility provided by the work-from-home option is promising. She warns that companies need to be upfront about what working from home looks like according to their specific culture. Ideally, employers will start focusing more on the results and quality of work that an employee produces rather than how many hours they are physically in the office. 

Now, more than ever, candidates are concerned with more than just earning a paycheck. They want to know that they will bring value to the company they work for.

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Episode Quotes

  • “You’re not looking for high volume in applications, you’re looking for quality.” (4:59-5:04 | Andrea)
  • “People are motivated by challenges. They want to know that they add value to an organization. They’re not just looking for a paycheck.” (5:28-5:37 | Andrea) 
  • “We are in a review world, and candidates are consumers. The first thing they will do is look for everything about your company online.” (8:26-8:36 | Andrea) 
  • “Just like you would if you were marketing your company, and you’d ask where do your clients or potential clients hang out online, you do the same thing for employees. Where do they spend their time? What kind of content do they look for?” (10:32-10:44 | Andrea) 
  • “A focus on results that the team member is bringing in, and not so much that they’re chained to their desk 40 hours a week, is really what team members are looking for. And the good ones often end up working more, or knock their results so out of the park that you really don’t care.” (21:15-21:36 | Andrea)

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